Little Lebowski Book

Some of you know that I carry a Big Lebowski Action Figure around wherever I go. Kind of like a good karma travel companion. Over the past year I have taken many pictures all over the worls with him, and decided to turn it into a project with others. So it became a collaborative photography project to raise funds for the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever’s Fund.

Want to PLAY as well?
1. Get yourself a Dude to take pictures of.
2. Think of a quote from the movie to use as a title.
For movie quotes you can check here.
3. Upload your picture via Flickr Pool, or with the Facebook App
4. Tell your friends about The Little Lebowski Project.
5. The most popular pictures  will go into a book that will be sold for the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers Fund.
Go ahead and make a donation to the Little Lebowski Project.